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hi folks, its been a while.

so long time i dont write on my personal blog. I dont wanna say i have busy, yet, i dunno what i have to write down. Next March i will 25. Wow, ill be more old. ill be getting trough my quarter life.
I have  so much stories to tell, actually. But, where i should begin all of those?
I have traveled Yogyakarta for a week and trough it alone as usually, I was a part and volunteer of some reforestation festival in my province, i have traveled my hometown for a week, i have visited some museum in my province and i still trapped in same zone; single and loving someone secretly, still with same person. LOL.

Well, he is special, so far. May be he is not a nice guy, but, i just love him. Loving someone dont need any reason, right?  Its destiny. Yah, i always tell my ownself; me as the master of my all own feelings, i still learn how to making peace to my feeling for him, i dont wanna kill it, i just wanna let it flow till washed away to beyond imaginary and another next nice and right guy come into my life.

Oh, God, what i am talking about? I talk about him? Skip.

So, i dont make promise, but, ill try to write all my travelling last few months on here. I have learned so many things and thats right, travelling is feeding and enriching our soul.

Just, stay tune on my blog.
Muach :)

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